donderdag 24 februari 2011

Nick Cave

This one I drew for the Caricaturama Showdown 3000! on facebook.
He has an interesting face to was fun to do!

zondag 20 februari 2011

Acrylic painting on 400gr cold-pressed paper

Another good evening of painting

I've been painting with acrylics for several years now... normaly I use acrylics to make an underpainting for wich I later use to paint over with oils.

Lately I like to expand te possibilities with acrylics and not use it only as an underlayer but as a painting itself.

Must say...i't good fun!! Because the paint dries much quicker you're forced to work fast. There are several mediums on the market to slow down the process of drying but for this painting I wanted to keep it fast and loose in a way... so I decided not to use any mediums. Only acrylics, water and 400gr. coldpressed paper.
The size of the painting is 30x40cm and it's done in 2 hours sharp (from sketch till final)

BTW: I'm always open for any critiques from the other painters out there!!

Pope final version

Here is the final version:

Pope Benedict in 4 steps

This drawing of the pope was done in about  in about 5 hrs
From sketch till final in Photoshop.

Had a lot of fun drawing him because I wanted to do that for quite a long time now.