woensdag 19 november 2014

Oil painting

For this oil painting I used I limited palette with 4 colors.

- Ivory black
- Cadmium scarlet
- Yellow ochre
- Titanium white

dinsdag 2 september 2014


I first made a sketch on paper. And the scanned drawing I colored in Photoshop.

donderdag 3 juli 2014

more sketches

free sketching

I found this website with great facial reference for drawing.
The website is http://earthsworld.com/ and here are some of my sketches:

woensdag 14 mei 2014

H.R. Giger

Now this was fun to do!
I used several mediums (acrylics/charcoal/pencil/conte crayons) on bristol paper

maandag 10 maart 2014